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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Northern States Super Natural 2010

Open Figure and Masters Figure Champ!

Having a blast on stage

Conor was more impressed with my trophies than Liam Masters class comparison - Ann and Syndi behind me took 2nd and 3rd respectively

Wow! I went to Buffalo gunning for a win in the Master's class to earn my pro card, but coming off my worst show the week before I wasn't overly confident. I had changed it up during the week -- all around. I ended up in the gym at night instead of the mornings and I did cardio between each super set. It was a hard week and I could feel the toll from two weeks of lean out. I modified my diet too. Little tweaks here and there and I felt good and obviously less puffy than the week before.

I was happy that Bill and the boys were coming up in the evening. We planned to go to Canada on Sunday to visit friends we hadn't seen in too long. This was the first show that had Pro classes - Masters Figure and Bodybuilding. The great part was that Masters Figure was first, so I actually got to watch it. There were five competitors and they looked great. The bad part about the show was that Figure open and masters were all the way toward the end. All my other shows had figure at the beginning and the waiting was new to me. There were also a ton of crossovers into Fit Body and Bodybuilding from Figure -- even some into Bikini. This was interesting to me since each has a different body type. I hung out with Ann Fire who I met at Cardinal the week before.

We finally got ready for the Open class and I felt good when I went out for the walk. We entered from the opposite side of the stage, but I adjusted fine and felt confident as I hit my poses. There were only four in the Open but I felt like it went well. The masters class was filled with nine competitors that were ready to win. We came out for our presentation and comparisons and I knew I was toward the middle, but didn't think I was dead center. I was optimistic that the judges had seen the pros earlier and were looking for full bodies not skinny girls. Once we were done, it was a relief to head back to the hotel and wait for the boys to arrive to take me back for the evening show.

The evening went a lot like the morning/afternoon show. Another difference with this show is that the awards are all done at the end. When it was time for the open class, they announced 4th and 3rd and it was down to me and Ann. Ann's number was called for 2nd place and I simultaneously felt elated and bummed. I was thrilled to win the Open class, but knew that sometimes the awards get "spread around" especially if it is close and I thought we might swap places for the Masters class -- which meant the pro card.

They sent the top five out for the Masters class and as they worked the way to the top two, it came down to me and Ann again. I repeated my number in my head so I would be prepared when I heard it, but instead they called Ann's number! I felt a surge of excitement, disbelief, vindication, and relief all at once!! I heard the boys cheering and tried to soak it all in while smiling ear to ear.

Once we were off stage, the tough part began. I had to complete the paperwork and pee in a cup. Not so tough except I had very little in the way of fluids all day. Plus I had peed just before we went on stage and I had run out of water. We had more in the car, but I couldn't leave the building until I completed my task. I made it (finally) and we headed out to grab some dinner and drinks to celebrate.

One year and one week to earn my Master's pro card! Totally thrilled and looking forward to 2011!!

Cardinal Classic - 2010

Open Figure Short line up

Masters Figure

Five weeks after vacationing in Myrtle Beach (aka a week of drinking and enjoying foods that I rarely eat),I felt good heading to Youngstown again. This time I was solo and had a room at a Marriott with a pool and hot tub for post show. I learned from Dayton. I also made sure I had all my bags and stuff so I wouldn't need another emergency rescue.

This show is great. Always tough competition, well run, and great people. This year was more of the same and I was able to meet some awesome ladies. There were only six in our short class, but the line up was tough. I felt good, but knew I was a little puffy with my period due any moment (yeah, TMI but it's a huge factor for some of us in this sport).

John Henry and one of my tri buddies made the trek down, so I was excited to know they would be out supporting me. During the open class walk and comparisons I didn't see them or hear them. Sure enough, they hadn't made it yet. They did get to see the masters class though. I joined them in the audience and watched the body building classes and made goofy comments while I ate. I knew they wouldn't be in the evening, so I wanted to spend some time before I went back to the hotel for my nap.

The evening show went like clock work and we did our stuff for the open class. With only six of us, one person would not place. As they called out 5th though 2nd, I realized that I was not going to place and sure enough was left standing backstage while the other girls were receiving their awards. It didn't feel great, but it wasn't devastating either. For the masters class, I took 3rd and was just happy the night was done. I wanted to find a Chipotle and hit the hot tub so I could sleep and focus on next week. This time I skipped the Corona and stuck to water. When I got back to the hotel, my period arrived right on cue. The night just kept getting better.

On my way home Sunday, I stopped by John Henry's gym and chatted. At some point he said something that implied that the only way to get to the next level was out of reach due to the other things going on in my life -- kids, work, soccer, etc. I realized then that I had made the right choice in working out on my own. The added stress of training with someone for several months was something I didn't need. I felt good training around my schedule and doing it my way. I had six days to Buffalo and needed to make some tweaks....

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Triathlon season - 2010

Fairport Tri

Greater Cleveland Tri with Teresa
Triathlon season meant just two sprints races for me. As much as I used to love the long distance, I am totally ok with the switch to short stuff. My goal is to have success in both sports and the 20+ years in triathlon have given me a great base for racing short with minimal training. Finally, age and experience count for something!

My first tri was the Fairport race that we have done for so many years. I love getting to see my tri buds and hanging at the beach afterwards. This year would be so different -- the weather was not cooperative. The storm rolling in kept pushing the start back and they announced the possibility of postponing for another week. Thankfully it didn't come to that and we got going just as the storm hit. I was having a decent swim -- not my best, but good considering I hadn't done much swim training -- but the waves were so rough they had us exit at the far end of the beach instead of swimming back close to exit at the transition. As I stood to run to the beach, I felt a sharp stone puncture the base of my big toe. I ran to transition hoping it would come out, but no such luck. I had to sit down by my bike and work the stone out -- I nearly kept it for a souvenir just for the heck of it. Instead, I tossed it and got a little fired up about the girls that exited transition while I sat and messed with this stupid stone.

I got my bike out and hit the steep hill and went about my work of playing catch up. I saw Bill on the bike and knew he was doing well. I ended up having a great bike in spite of the wet roads and set out on the new run course. I ended up making a couple passes and in the final 1/2 mile I saw a girl with "41" on her leg and mustered everything I could to pass her as we turned into the final field leading to the chute. I knew I caught her by surprise and I sprinted with all I had to make sure she didn't have a kick to catch me. The sad part was that I was done a full five minutes before I dawned on me that I'm not in her age group!! Doh! Yeah, I can't remember how old I am sometimes. Lord knows I don't act it, so it's understandable, right?

I ended up with a win in a tough age group and looked forward to Greater Cleveland two weeks later.

Greater Cleveland Tri is always my favorite race. I love the Tri Club and Mickey the race director! Bill, the boys and I always try to help with the race and this year we were able to do the bag stuffing. This year the boys had swim championships the same weekend so they missed racing. I had to redeem myself after last year's bike crash -- even though I won my age group.

This year the weather was beautiful and the swim was not canceled which made me very happy! After two years of canceled swims, I was so excited to get the swim in. While we were waiting for our start, one of the international distance racers inadvertently turned in at our swim buoy thinking it was the swim finish. As soon as we realized she thought it was the exit, I volunteered to swim out to catch her and send her back. I just couldn't wait to get in the water!

The swim went great and the bike was thankfully uneventful. As was the run. I finished and milled around for a bit before I could retrieve my stuff from transition and head out to the swim champs. I ended up 4th overall and 1st in my age group. With the race done, I was officially focused on the fall figure competitions.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dayton Tri-State Bodybuilding Championships

Open Figure Short top 5
In between third place and second place Backstage with all the stuff!
After the March Lakewood show, I wasn't sure what I would do next besides enjoy vacation in April. My spring schedule with the boys kicked into high gear with twice weekly 2 1/2 hour soccer practices in addition to Conor's other soccer practice. Liam also had spring track, so I ended up working out entirely on my own -- no more trainer or nutritionist.

Being able to train and run during soccer practice gave me a whole new excitement that I had been missing in the winter months. I decided to enter the Tri-State Bodybuilding Championships in Dayton five weeks after vacation. I'd be traveling and competing on my own -- my first solo show! My biggest challenge was learning to do my own makeup, but my friend, Jill got me the right products, showed me how, and even drew me a diagram! I did a practice run one Saturday morning -- nothing like looking like a total floozy at a U13 boys soccer game.....I was ready!

Friday morning, I went through my normal routine and packed my bags -- 3 to be exact. One for my suit, shoes, tan, new show makeup, bikini bite, glaze, and candy for Saturday. One with all my toiletries and clothes for after the show along with the rest of my makeup and a bathing suit for the hotel hot tub post-show -- probably my most important bag since scrubbing and moisturizing after the tan is HUGE! The last one had my sheets, socks and gloves so I can sleep in the bed without getting tan everywhere. So, off I went to get my last spray tan then I cruised down to Dayton. I arrived at the hotel, checked in, and promptly went to my room to check the wi-fi and request a fridge and microwave. An hour later I went down to the car to get my bags and......there were only two!! Yep, I left my bag with toiletries up in the bedroom! I stood in the parking lot and calculated driving seven hours to get it and realized that I would barely be back before midnight. So, I decided to call Bill and ask for a MAJOR favor....please drive my bag down to Dayton. Oh, then how about get up at 5:30 AM, drive to Lodi for Conor's game, follow that by driving to Brecksville for Liam's first game, then to Toledo for Liam's second game and finally home to Mentor. And you can bring swimsuits since there's a pool! My sweet, amazing husband actually agreed to this scenario. Poor Conor even had to miss the school movie night and he was planning to sit with the girl he claims will one day be his girlfriend!

So, with that disaster averted, I just had to check in and polygraph for the show. Everything went smoothly and eating, tanning, and waiting for the boys was the remainder of the evening. The boys arrived by 10:30 and hit the pool while I got to bed. Sure enough, the next day they were on the road by 5:30 for the Tour of Ohio and I was trying my hand at my stage makeup.

It was interesting going to a show and not knowing anyone. I knew a couple judges, so it was definitely nice to be able to say hello and chat a bit before final prep. Just as I was in my pump up, one of my dangly sparkles on my suit fell off. I asked around for super glue, but no luck. It looked lopsided, so I grabbed the opposite side and yanked it off -- waa laa! Ready for stage!

First up was the Masters category and there were four of us. I was first out and felt confident as I went through my poses and walk. When we came out for comparisons, I was in the middle with another lady I knew would be tough to beat. The judges kept us out for a while and I felt good when we came off.

The Open class short division had a good group of ladies too. One had been at the Lakewood show and finished second there. We went through our walk and comparisons and this time the judges had us on stage for a loooooong time! I remember looking at the judges and thinking they totally had poker faces -- not a single smile or acknowledgement. Total business and that's what you want in this sport. I moved from the end closer to the center, but I couldn't tell exactly where I was in relation to the center when we exited.

Once I was done, I headed back to the hotel. Well, more accurately I drove around awhile before I got on the right road to go back to the hotel. Honestly, it is less than 2 miles, but the roads were one way and closed which made it crazy getting to the right one. When I finally got back, I ate and rested before getting prepped for the evening show. I headed back for the show and went through the usual prep. When the masters class came up, I waited as they announced fourth, third and when they got to second I kept saying my number in my head so I would know if they said it. But they didn't!! I WON the Masters Figure -- my first figure win!! I was ecstatic and am sure I was beaming ear to ear! At this point, my only other goal was to be top 5 for the Open class. When we lined up on stage and they started to announce, my number was called for 5th and I was happy to place in this tough group. The lady who I edged out in the Masters class, got fourth in this class and I learned the importance of each round of presentation. Nonetheless, I had my first victory under my belt and once again placed in both my classes. It took me less than a year to earn my first win and I couldn't have been happier. And I had done the prep and menus on my own.

After calls and texts, the only thing left was to find Chipotle and get my burrito bowl and a Corona. Well, this time I think I ended up driving around Dayton for 40 minutes before I got to the right road. Imagine walking into University of Dayton Chipotle with stage makeup and jewelry on a Saturday night....then into a gas station for Corona -- where I got carded (which is store policy - I didn't get excited like the guy ahead of me did). I took my little post show celebration back to the hotel and ate every last bite before I hit the shower and scrubbed the mud off. I quickly threw on my bathing suit since I had lost a lot of time trying to get out of downtown and headed down to the hot tub. Ahhhh, complete heaven!

It was an awesome show experience and I met great people. Bill and the boys saved the day and I was able to be self-reliant when it came to tanning and makeup. Now I feel ready for more competitions in the fall......after triathlon season, of course!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

NPC Natural - March 23, 2010

Teresa and me before the evening show!! We got to stand next to each other on stage too!

Not my best back. I would like to be leaner.

OK, it has been over a month and I'm fiiiinallllly posting the results. Basically, it was a disappointment on many levels. I do not feel I had my best body, but I tried a different method and it didn't work. So that I can live with. The way the show was conducted was the biggest issue. In pre-judging they ran us through the paces pretty quickly and the judges seemed to have people all over the board during the call outs. I got drug tested for the Masters, but not the Open and I got called out really late in the open so I knew it wasn't good.

Again, all of that was ok. It was in the evening finals show that I had a major problem. We went up to pose and they told us to only walk across the stage! So Bill and the boys only got to see us walk across -- no photos, no back, basically nothing worth the $100 I spent on their VIP tickets. WTF!!! The bodybuilders all got to do their full 60 second routine and we couldn't turn 4 times and wave???

Then the judging was all over the board. My friend, Teresa, took 6th in masters and beat out some girls in her height class. Well, in the height class they beat her -- significantly. The 11th place masters placed 5th in height and Teresa was 9th in height --- really??? They looked that different 10 minutes after masters pre-judging? Oh, and the "winner" of my height and the 35 Masters class trains with the promoter.....hmmmm.

OK, so huge disappointment. The trophy doesn't even matter this time. I don't see me competing in this contest again unless they make significant changes.

Click on the title to link to the professional photos.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dress rehearsal

Can't wait to get on stage next week!!!

One week until show time and you can definitely see changes on a daily basis now! Wow!! I'm down to only one pancake every other day, but I still get a pancake :-)

This morning I painted on a tan before posing to get a better idea of how my body looks. It is amazing that I'm dropping about 1/2 lb. each day, so the changes are really noticeable now.

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's wicked week!!!

OK, it's Wicked Week as John Henry calls it!!! Last week of big workouts. We worked out Monday, Wednesday and again last night. One more workout on Saturday after posing. Next week I'll workout M-W nights with him, then tan Thursday and Friday. I get my mani/pedi on Monday too, so it will start to be pampering time (well, I did get a jump start with a hydrafacial last night). Yes, I know, I'm such a princess!
New menu has --- wait for it ---- whole wheat pancakes and maple syrup on it! Mmmm! Also, I get peanut butter and rice cakes again :-) I have to enjoy it now since I get a new menu today. In the meantime, these are from Wednesday night. I've dropped another pound since Wed, so the changes are coming daily.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Less than 3 weeks!

Can you tell I don't like posing at the gym?
Need to move that left shoulder back...

Also, need final tuning on my legs....March 20th, ready or not!